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In a busy world, full of many solutions that promise it all, choosing to partner with someone who walked in your (professional) shoes, has been in an executive role just like you, dealt with all the issues that you most probably are dealing with right now, someone who is devoted to really making a difference for you and your company and really showing concrete results every step of the way – it is the best business consulting decision you can make. Contact us to find out more.

Eric Kish

Eric Kish is a CEO, speaker and author with 20 years of experience in scaling organizations.  To date he scaled 12 companies, two of them from millions to billions in revenue. Eric is the author of “From 5 to 50 to 500 – How to build and run scalable organizations” and “Everyday Turnaround – The Art and Science of Daily Business Transformation”. Before being a business owner, Eric served 10 years in the Israeli Armored Corps. Eric is currently CEO of Nanoramic Labs, a nanomaterials and energy storage devices company in Boston, MA. Eric earned his master’s in business from Stanford Business School, his Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation from MIT Sloan School of Business, and his Executive Certificate in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University. He is also an Electrical Engineer with a Masters in Power Electronics.

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Alina Kish

Alina has an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management and a Master in Electronics from The Polytechnic University of Bucharest and had the opportunity to work within several international companies before running/starting up a few family businesses. She managed international accounts in a broad range of industries and economic backgrounds, for both advertising and human resources management outsourcing services, developing strong professional relationships with customers. She enjoyed launching new products, created many successful brands, exited two companies, developed effective communication campaigns, and built teams for long term companies’ growth.

Alina is a Certified Talent Optimization Strategist, and a Certified Predictive Index and Line of Sight™ Partner, and she trains organizations in using Behavioral Science and Strategy Alignment to bring scalability to their business.

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