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Build and run scalable organizations

Our Philosophy : Scalability is a mindset!

Clear Intent

Define, inform, and enforce a clear intent at all levels within your organization.

Optimized Talent

Align your business strategy with your people strategy for better business results.

Disciplined Rituals

Use proven rituals to prepare your organization to succeeed.

Scalability is not only about resources, it is a mindset of adaptability!

A scalable business is a business that can add revenue at a rapid rate while adding resources at an incremental rate.

A scalable organization is capable to adapt using organizational creativity, energy, and determination: doing more with what they already have.

Adapting requires a change in behavior using creative approaches in anticipation of, or response to, changes in the environment.

Adaptability is a way of thinking that requires experimentation and improvisation.

Adaptive Leaders anticipate problems and develop alternative solutions to a wide range of possible outcomes while assessing and responding to the ever-changing environment.


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Why us? Why now?

In a busy world, full of many solutions that promise it all, choosing to partner with someone who walked in your (professional) shoes, has been in an executive role just like you, dealt with all the issues that you most probably are dealing with right now, someone who is devoted to really making a difference for you and your company and really showing concrete results every step of the way – it is the best decision you can make.

Eric Kish

“I have been a practicing CEO for over twenty years, leading 12 companies, only two of them operating without major financial constraints. Despite that, most of them have thrived, some of them quite spectacularly. Two of them went from millions to billions in revenue with little capital available. These successes have less to do with me and more to do with the people I worked with. These are people who have excelled in their workplace – but only after we provided a framework for effective execution.”

Alina Kish

“I am enjoying my role as a consultant with Kish & Partners because I get to utilize my experience as both a business owner and an executive to help other business owners and their executive teams succeed and achieve better results.”

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